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FORM (English version) (UK) #6 / 2012

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Form 6/2012 - The Environment Issue

In this issue we say both goodbye and hello. Farewell goes to our editor in chief, Daniel Golling and the welcome is for our new AD, Kai Ristilä. We're also saying hello to a slightly altered layout. You'll see that this new issue of Form is slightly different but infinitely better.

We've devoted the year's final number of Form to environment issues, both big and small. Hanna Nova Beatrice travels to Oslo to meet charismatic environmental campaigner, Petter Stordalen, better known as the Norwegian hotel magnate and owner of Choice Hotels. The hotel chain is growing rapidly but in which ways does it ease the impact of its development on the environment? As it happens, there's quite a few different ways being used.

Our clothes are full of harmful chemicals. Our writer, Julie Cirelli has taken an expansive look at the struggles the garment industry faces to make its offerings more environmentally sound. Also follow us to Malmo and Copenhagen, two major cities which invest as much in the bicycle as a form of transport as they do public transport. We also give a summary of the major eco-standard labels. There's plenty more in this issue too from capitalism to environmetal building, mental health facilities, creatives and a bicycle helmet.

The end of the year brings with it Form's annual round up of 2012. We list the year's buildings, products, gossip and newcomers plus our regular peek at the hottest architecture and design.

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